The provision of WiFi in public and semi-public spaces

Posted 29 March 2013 by CHIS

Copy of a letter to BT. It contains some references which are specific to BT. A slightly different but very similar letter was also sent to O2, Virgin, Sky, Arqiva and Nomad, the UK’s principal providers of internet access via WiFi. Typically these companies supply internet access at the request of a commercial third party e.g. a High Street retailer, a coffee shop or a transportation provider. For them it is an extra service for their customers. The letters seek assurances from Britain’s major WiFi providers that they will take steps to ensure they do not provide access to adult sites where the service is being provided in a public or semi-public space where one can reasonably expect children and legal minors to be found on a regular basis.

Download a copy of the document here

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